4-point Checklist

4 Tips for who to trust with your finances

You work hard to make your money, but doesn’t it seem like there’s not quite enough left at the end of the month. Maybe it’s a result of over-indulgence on recreation or dining out, it could be overpaying on bills, or bad deals on current contracts. Maybe you don’t feel like there’s less money left than expected but you want to be fiscally responsible and save money. So you turn to others to help with your finances, what do you need to know? Good question! Try these 4 tips for who to trust with your finances. 

1. Know what you are looking for.

You can’t get help if you yourself don’t know what you need. Narrow down what kind of financial help you are looking for. You don’t need specifics, but decide between retirement, investments, reducing spend or another financial adjustment.
If you don’t know what you want, you could be prone to jumping into the wrong area and signing up/paying for another service you don’t need (aka moving in the wrong direction).

2. Research the person, or company you are looking to work with.

Even a rudimentary internet search yields powerful results. The internet is an incredibly useful tool and provides amazing information. Finding reviews, both complementary and warnings to stay away, help paint a picture for who you might start working with. You don’t need to be a tech wiz to search the internet and glean helpful advice and information.

3. Check out the industry

There’s no shame shopping around a bit, it’s your hard earned money. Look at the industry standards. Often many of the companies in a space are comparable. Slight changes in charges or operating style are often the differentiators. You should check to see if the company will charge you by a fixed rate, or a percentage of your money saved, if they’re flexible with payment options. If they can really guarantee help, or a strong track record of improving people’s lives. Explore the options and check the various services offered. Basic industry knowledge will help you differentiate between the good guys and the other guys.

4. Meet them

There’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned conversation. Until you meet someone, it’s hard to know if you can trust them with your finances or a part of the finances. Face to face meetings are crucial for large decisions. Smaller money matters can be addressed on the phone. Combining the internet research and a phone call can really put the mind at ease. Try and communicate with them via phone, email or other avenues. See if they really take the time to get you and what you need. Comfort is the most important thing. Remember to trust your gut, get to know the company or service agent helping you out. Make sure they understand what matters to you and exactly what you’re looking to change and improve on.

The hardest thing is taking action so get out there!

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