5 Quick Hitter Mortgage Tips

Tips 5

What to look for when looking for a mortgage

  • 1. Get Your Credit Score In Shape
  • The higher the score the better position you're in.
  • 2. Know The Lending Landscape
  • Check ratings online, see if other people have had positive experiences.
  • 3. Get Pre-approved For Your Mortgage
  • This boosts your chances. Check this list for how to be pre-approved.
  • 4. Compare Rates From Multiple Lenders
  • Compare rates to make sure you're getting a good deal.
  • 5. Ask The Right Questions And Read The Fine Print
  • Find out about requirements and fees, including all costs in addition to principal and interest payments.

For some tips on home loans check this out, look at the mortgage pre approval check list look here.

If you’re looking for saving on common monthly bills check out savings opportunities here 

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