Mission Statement

We believe in empowering everyone to control their finances with ease. To build tools that provide financial guidance and services that assist people in achieving their dreams.


Core Values

We do the right thing
Act like owners
Treating our work and the company as if it is our own. We are all accountable and actively work to improve and grow as an entity.
No Fine Print
We are who we say we are. It’s possible to make money and help people in the process.
We are optimistic
Be positive, try and make the best of every day.
We confront challenges
We may fail, we may succeed but at all times we confront issues head-on. Perseverance guides our growth and ability to succeed.
Be Sustainable
We are building something to last, we should do what we can to leave a better world for future generations.
Ideas are king
Perceived hierarchy and status is not important. We value everyone and every idea. Ideas are judged on merit not who presents the idea. Everyone has meaningful contributions.
We are customer obsessed
We work tirelessly to earn our customers’ trust and business by solving their problems, maximizing their earnings or lowering their costs. We surprise and delight them. We make short-term sacrifices for a lifetime of loyalty.
We aim to be as inclusive as possible, team members should be judged on merit, not the color of their skin, age, upbringing or religion.
No one knows everything. Seek help and answers, crowdsource and work together for better results.
We challenge the status quo
Just because it has been done one way doesn’t make it right. Question everything - not to find fault but to find greater truth and improvement.
Give Back
To your co-workers and the community.
all the time. From the most mundane tasks to the newest projects, seek new and better solutions. We are entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.
Have the courage to be wrong, and ask for help. More importantly, have the courage to be right and change the world.
colleagues, the office, the company, customers, and yourself.

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