Don’t Let Laziness Get In The Way of a Good Thing!

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One of the biggest challenges of adult life is coming to terms with responsibility and the role it plays in your life. Responsibility manifests itself as the art of exercising control in ways that best benefit your wellbeing. While responsibilities can feel like an inconvenience, or even an obstacle blocking you from your next goal, they also present the opportunity to rise to the occasion and allow for personal growth.

Control and discipline

Finances present the perfect example, often they are the litmus test of how effective we are at exercising control and discipline. If we implement discipline and learn to make rational decisions regarding our financial wellbeing, we’ll be better off both in the long and the short term. However, if we fail to take these steps, we add potential hardship to our future, making life much harder than it needs to be.  

Financial ‘fitness’

Think of your financial wellbeing as you would about physical fitness. Both involve working hard for your own benefit and making sacrifices that pay off down the road. Both pose examples of just how much we are in control of our own lives. It’s no coincidence that traits such as self discipline, perseverance and ambition describe both those who are highly committed to their personal health as well as those making sensible financial decisions.


This analogy goes one step further and consider what tends to stand in our way more often than we care to admit – Laziness; that pesky trait plays a pretty big role in situations that lack control. Laziness is that voice inside you that tells you it’s too cold to hit the gym, or that you’ve studied enough, or that there isn’t much you can do to take control of a given situation.

The enemy

When it comes to fitness and our finances, laziness can be our worst enemy – life is filled with enough external obstacles and hardship, laziness is the mental block we choose to place in our way, where there shouldn’t any obstacles! It is the excuse we give ourselves when we are unwilling to rise to the occasion, and it is what is holding us all back in some way or another. The truly infuriating thing about laziness is the fact that it is a prison of our own making, being imposed by no one but ourselves.

Minimal effort

When looking at the role laziness plays in your financial wellbeing, or lack thereof, we may find that we can be doing more than we already are with minimal effort. Often there are great services or apps at our fingertip that can drastically improve our finances. Try internalizing this simple fact which can go a long way to helping you save money – Laziness costs money. Everytime.


Too lazy to walk around the block to that cheaper grocery store? That’s on you. Too lazy to get your car routinely checked? That sudden, yet all too predictable (and avoidable) breakdown – also on you. Too lazy to search and ask around a bit for the cheapest internet provider or cable deal? That overspending is on you.

What can you do?

The truth is that there is much more you can be doing – search for the cheapest grocery store in your area and stick to it, look for services such as EZsave that negotiate your bills and find the cheapest plans for you. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people are paying more than they should for some of their service plans just because they don’t take the time to look further into it? That’s destructive laziness at play.

Take control!

The point is this – there is so much that tends to stand in our way that is completely out of our control and we are forced to deal with them. Our own laziness, however, is completely under our control, and it never pays to give in to it. Take control, anywhere that you can. Hit the gym, find those deals, negotiate those bills, rise to the occasion.

Don’t let laziness get in the way of a good thing!

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