Frequently Asked Questions

ezsave helps people save money by negotiating lower rates on many monthly expenses. 

We don’t just save you money; we also save you time. You can sit back and relax with the peace of mind that our experts have your back. Do you remember the painful conversations speaking with providers and their representatives? Whether we contact new providers or renegotiate your current plans, we speak on your behalf, listen to the music on hold, navigate the confusing terms and conditions, and ultimately negotiate with providers to find you the cheapest possible prices!

Are you interested in calling providers, waiting on hold for hours, comparing competitors plans and arguing with sales representatives? If so, want to come work with us?

However, if you want to avoid the headaches, use ezsave. We do not simply speak to your providers but utilize our experts’ industry knowledge.  We review hundreds of contracts and bills daily. We know the companies in each field. Leveraging our knowledge, we negotiate the lowest prices and save you time and effort.

Landlines and Cellphones

Overseas calls
Cable and Satellite tv
Subscriptions (Gym, Newspapers and Magazines)
Plus more

Additionally, we are always exploring new ways to save money for you, so stay in touch! Let us know where you would like assistance saving. We’d love to hear from you how we can help.

We have a no risk guarantee. We only earn a commission after we save money for you.

We work on a success based model. If we don’t save you money, we don’t make anything, easy as that 🙂

The commission is only charged once we have completed servicing your bills. If we find a cheaper deal we charge a one-time commission for our services. We will update you along the way and get your approval before finalizing anything.

If we look into your bills and find that you have the lowest price on the market (Great job!) you do not pay anything.

If we can find you a lower price, our one-time service fee is 35% of the annual savings. We only receive the payment once we have completed the entire process.

For Example:
If we save $1000 annually our commission is $350 and you receive $650.

If we are able to save from multiple providers we will tally the savings and receive 35% of the total.

If you can’t save me money, will you still charge me a fee for your work?

No. We check your bills for free.

The commission we charge is only after we have found and secured the cheapest prices for you. If we don’t save money for you we don’t make anything.

You will see the cheaper price in your next billing cycle. The billing date and cycle is generally written at the top of the invoice. 

If you change your mind simply send an email to and request to cancel the adjustment. If the change has not been made with the supplier, we will cancel everything without changing your service. We will do what we can to assure your requests are completed.

The credit card number is encrypted upon entry, it is not possible for us to use it for anything other then collecting a commission after you save money. We use PCI 1 technology in order to ensure encryption and protect your information. PCI 1 technology is the global standard for credit card security

We do not exchange any personal information other than what is necessary to attain your savings and even then we will request permission from you.

To protect your information we utilize encrypted communications technology (SSL) – a reliable and secure technology. If you want more information about SSL click here

We ask for credit card details from the start to save you from receiving extra calls. If we transfer your plan or switch providers we will be able to charge our commission upon completion. If we do not find a cheaper price, you don’t pay anything and your details are always secure and protected.

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