Home Loan Document List

Home Loan Document List


  1. Tax Returns
    • Generally 1-2 years worth to confirm income and returns are consistent.
  2. Pay stubs, w-2 form or other proof of income
    • In the same vein as the tax returns, lenders want to gauge your overall financial health.
  3. Bank statements and other assets
    • Another complementary piece to better understand your risk profile. Lenders check taxes, income, insurance and other assets to show you have reserves and can make your payments.
  4. Credit history
    • Lenders want to confirm long term trustworthiness. You may need to explain blemishes if they exist.
  5. Gift letters
    • If friends or family chip in money, you need proof the money is a gift and not a loan.
  6. Photo ID
    • Simply to prove you are who you say you are.
  7. Renting history
    • If you don’t have a history of owning they may ask for renters history that you pay on-time.

Bottom Line: The lender wants to assess your risk level. Your goal is to present yourself a credit worthy and trustworthy. The exact documents may vary slightly from person to person but the above list should cover most cases.

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