Our Promise

We are excited about your interest in having EZsave help reduce your bills.  The following is an explanation of our guarantee to you, our valued customer:

  1. We are committed to helping you save as much money as you can while maintaining the highest level of service that you want and need.

  2. Our goal is to make sure that your plans fit your actual usage and needs, and the costs are as low as possible. We simply find the best priced plans to meet your needs.

  3. To maximize your savings we look to match plans to usage, however, we don’t make any changes to your services without express consent to the adjustments.

  4. After receiving your bills, approval and a payment method we will contact your providers and negotiate plans to help you save money.

  5. Ezsave works based on a percentage of savings fee. We only get paid when you save money on your bill. Our commission for the service is 35% of the first years’ negotiated savings. If you don’t save money, It’s free! 

  6. Upon completing the savings process, we will send a summary report detailing any changes and reductions negotiated on your behalf. The details will include your old expenses, the reduced cost, your total savings and our commission.  After which, we will charge the credit card on file to collect our commission.

  7. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at service@ezsave.me and we will be happy to help you however we can.

We look forward to helping you save money,

Your EZsave team

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