Mortgage Pre-Approval


Documents Checklist

  • 1. Copies of drivers license
  • Lenders need to verify your identity and avoid potential fraud
  • 2. Copies of Social Security Cards
  • Similar to drivers license, they need to confirm identity, and prove citizenship. Loans are far more challenging for foreign buyers.
  • 3. Mortgage statement / coupons (for all loans)
  • If you own a home they need to check your history, it will help lenders understand your debt to income ratio and some of your financial picture.
  • 4. Most recent bank statements
  • This is to paint a picture of your financial health. They may ask to clarify some items if there are major fluctuations.
  • 5. Pay stubs
  • Keep it simple, they check if your income is what you say it is.
  • 6. Property tax bill
  • If you own a home, as part of the debt to income ratio.
  • 7. Retirement / investment account statements
  • Whether or not you plan to use these assets to pay for the house these statements can help prove that you are qualified.
  • 8. Tax returns (1040)
  • 2 years of returns to confirm income, identity and other items.
  • 9. W-2 forms (or 1099)
  • 2 years of documents for lenders to confirm your income is what you say it is.
  • 10. Profit and loss statements
  • If you own a business or are self employed this helps lenders understand your financial situation to deem you qualified.

The list may seem daunting but it’s not bad once you start and can simplify the process of buying a house considerably. ​

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