What is bill negotiation and how can it help save money?

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Whats is bill negotiation?

Depending on the service, whether phone, internet, electricity or medical, there comes a time when the bills come in. If you’ve ever opened your bills and not understood why you were being charged so much, and wondered if they could be cheaper, this article is for you. Paying your bills is not usually an experience people associate as positive. Just the words “paying bills” leaves many people cringing at the idea. Because of this, the important task of reviewing one’s bills is often neglected. The result is that more often than not you end up overpaying for these services. It is important to know that bill negotiation exists, works and helps save money in many areas.

How does it work?

You might not realize it, but most of your bills are negotiable. Negotiating your bills could involve many different tactics. It could be showing yourself to be a loyal customer, or exploring the alternatives of other providers. Reviewing the customer contract may reveal a revision which can benefit both you and your service provider. There usually is a way to lower the cost of your monthly bills. Even big companies value their customers, both for retention and customer satisfaction. Retaining customers is far cheaper than acquiring new ones. The last thing they want is for you to switch your services to one of their competitors. In today’s connected and competitive world, companies would rather charge you less money on your monthly bills than lose you to an opposing company. There is very little in life that is truly ‘non-negotiable’ often all it takes is time to pick up the phone and speak to a company representative.

Time is money

While anyone can negotiate their own bills, the name of the game is saving money, and in this case, time is money. You may not have the time, energy or expertise to know how to cut costs and fees from certain companies. That’s where we come in at EZsave.

How we can help you

At EZsave we offer a service to help lower the cost of your bills. Whatever bills you are paying, it is very likely that you are overpaying on some of them, and we can help you hold onto more of your money. We have a 85% success rate at saving our customers money.  EZsave offers the advantage of bill negotiation, which essentially means you save money, and providing assistance with understanding bills in general. 

Saving money

We value your money as if it is our own, which we emphasize with our success based model.  Our experts exemplify the hard work and perseverance needed to negotiate your bills. The service and our employees are here for you, risk free. EZsave doesn’t make money unless we successfully reduce your bills. We are optimistic and relentless and can help you in a variety of ways. Whether it’s reviewing lengthy contracts or speaking with customer service representatives, our mission is to be creative and innovative in helping our customers, no matter what. Besides saving you money we prioritize protecting your privacy. Our employees are all screened, and we deploy a security system set to the international standard to make sure your information will never get out.

What we need from you

To start saving money, all you have to do is send us copies of your bills and our expert bill negotiators will do the rest. We leave no stone unturned to make sure you are not overpaying for bills and services and ensuring that you save money. Our representatives will negotiate your rates so that you can save money every month. Money saved is money earned, and we are happy to provide a service which helps people save.5

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